Ongoing Projects

Telepresence Robot in Academic Conference
We are now working on how academic conference attendants use telepresence robots like Beam to attend conferences over distance.

Key Methods: Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Telepresence, Beam


1446071201132.rendition-largeDistributed Escape Rooms for Long-distance Relationships
I conducted a qualitative research on how couples play in escape rooms and now I am working on building a distributed escape room to help long-distance relationships play together (virtually) over distance.

Key Methods: Grounded Theory, Qualitative Research


Web RedesignDepartment Official Website Redesign

Working on the redesign of the official website of my department as a web developer.

Key Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe AEM


Past Projects

TwitchVizTwitchViz: A Chatroom Visualization Tool
We developed TwitchViz: a new visualization tool with the goal of helping both players and game designers to better understand the relationship between gameplay and Twitch viewers’ chatting behavior. We also did s pilot study on TwitchViz.

Key Technologies: D3JS, TwitchAPI, HTML5, RTMP


Family Board
The Family Board: An Information Sharing System for Family Members
A distributed system that provides a mean for family members to message one another and handle the incoming information that they must deal with on a daily basis. The system runs in a web browser and family members can share messages and information to mobile devices as well situated displays in the home.

Key Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, Google API, MySQL


semHomeSemHome: An Ontology Reasoning System for Smart Family
This ontology reasoning system demonstrates a usage scenario of combining Machine to Machine and Semantic Web technologies. It supports automatic inference from sensor data in the home context.

Key Technologies: Java, OWL, RDF, Jena, JavaFX, M2M


Snake-3DThe Snake, 2D/3D Computer Graphics Game

Implemented a 2D and 3D version of snake game. It can load user-defined maps and customize your own items.

Key Technologies: Computer Graphics, OpenGL, C


PY-FPTreePy-FP Tree: An Implementation of Frequent Pattern Tree Algorithm in Data Mining
Mining frequent patterns is significant in Data Mining. Py-FP Tree is an implementation of Python of Frequent Pattern Tree algorithm developed by Jiawei Han et al.

Key Technologies: Python, Frequent Patterns, Data Mining


Super-TotemMobile Games Design Showcase
Designed and developed three mobile games using Agile Software Development under the guidance of professional game developers in Taipei.

Key Technologies: Unity3D, JavaScript, Agile Development


India-ProjectChannel-Independent Secure Data Sharing System on Mobile Platform 

Worked in pair, developed an Android App to support exchange files securely. This project was done in Vellore Institute  of Technology , Tamil Nadu, India.

Key Technologies: Java, RSA Encryption, Android


Mirco-FilmAwarded Short Movie Making

Made a short movie of interesting plot with my friends in college. The movie had won *some* prizes. I was the cameraman and editor for the movie.

Key Technologies: Photograph, Final Cut Pro