Conference Papers & Posters:

  • Pan, R., Singhal, S., Riecke, B., Cramer, E. and Neustaedter, C. “MyEyes”: The Design and Evaluation of First Person View Video Streaming for Long-Distance Couples ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS ’17 Full Paper) [PDF]
  • Pan, R., Lo, H., and Neustaedter, C. Collaboration, Awareness, and Communication in Real-Life Escape Rooms. (DIS ’17 Full Paper) [PDF]
  • Pan, R., Neustaedter, C., Antle, A. and Matkin, B. Puzzle Space: A Distributed Tangible Puzzle for Long Distance CouplesACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work. (CSCW’17 Companion) [PDF] [Poster] [Video]
  • Pan, R., Forghani, A., Neustaedter, C., Strauss, N., and Guindon, A. The Family Board: An Information Sharing System for Family Members. (CSCW’15 Companion). [PDF] [Poster] [Video]
  • Pan, R. and Neustaedter, C. Space: A Toolkit for Prototyping Context-Aware Mobile Video Streaming Apps. ACM Conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI ’17 Late-Breaking Work). [PDF] [Poster]
  • Pan, R., Bartram, L. and Neustaedter, C. TwitchViz: A Visualization Tool for Twitch Chatrooms. (CHI ’16 Late-Breaking Work). [PDF] [Poster]
  • Pang, C., Pan, R, Wong, S. and Neustaedter, C. City Explorer: Gamifying Public Transit Trips While Exploring the City. (CHI ’17 Late-Breaking Work). [PDF] [Poster]
  • Singhal, S., Neustaedter, C., Schiphorst, T., Tang, A., Patra, A., Pan, R.. You are Being Watched: Bystanders’ Perspective on the Use of Camera Devices in Public Spaces. (CHI ’16 Late-Breaking Work) [PDF] [Poster]

Workshop Papers & Technical Reports:

Rui Pan, Carman Neustaedter and Thecla Schiphorst. (2016) How Collocated Couples Play in Real-Life Escape RoomsProceedings of the CSCW 2016 Workshop on Collocated Interaction, held at the Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing.

Henry Lo, Rui Pan and Carman Neustaedter. (2015) Communication, Collaboration, and Coupling: What Happens When Friends Try to Escape the Room?, Connections Lab Technical Report 2015-1109-01, Simon Fraser University.